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In addition to coach services and route traffic we have enlarged our operations by offering travel packages by different themes and intrests to our international clients. These packages include all travels services like accommodations, destination tickets, ferry tickets, entrance fees, food services etc. So not only transportation but also everything else can be reserved via us for groups. The whole package planned and arranged by our group travel professionals is the easiest way to serve your clients. It also saves your time and money. Pohjolan Matka is a legal travel organizator approved by Finnish Competition and Consumer Authority and a member of Nordic Tourism Collective and European Tourism Association (ETOA); please find our certificate here.

Explore the travel ideas and themes below. We are quite sure you will get the clue to your client’s next travel among those examples.

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Helsinki region/Southern Finland

Lapland/Northern Finland

Lakeland District

Special Tours

Neighbour Countries

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tel. +358 201 303 357

email: incoming@pohjolanmatka.fi

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