Pohjolan Matka and Sustainability

Our journey towards sustainability

“How started the journey towards sustainability at Pohjolan Matka,

well, at first, we finished the whine,

because it is not enough to waste time,

as the deeds are those which make us shine.

A couple of years ago, came board new and visionary,

calling for a potent story of sustainability.

We clarified strategy, values, vision and mission,

but sustainability ranks the highest – that was an obvious decision.

What does sustainability mean to us,

everything, but not the impossible.

Customers from overseas we pride,

and based on sustainability they choose a partner in crime.

We decided to monitor driving style, emissions and sorting,

all of this brought us to vital new thinking.

We believe that doing the right thing gives us competitive advantage,

this is a fact and not just greenwashing.

Labels of sustainability we applied for,

and improved our systems once more.

We sorted out tables and monitoring

–       and who should take the responsibility.

Many things were finally solved,

and the importance of implementation got resolved.

Together we promise and commit,

together we follow the path ahead.

We shall meet each stage and the finish line of our story of sustainability,

making us a forerunner company, never a worry. “

Pohjolan Matka operations are strongly driven by our company values, which are sustainable, positive, professional and domestic family business. At Pohjolan Matka sustainability is handled through the following programs and measures. Find the programs and measures on their own subpages through the page menu.