Our ongoing and indefinite actions in the various areas of sustainability

In addition to the seasonally reviewed goals and actions that come with various sustainability and environmental programs, we have a set of actions and decisions that are constantly underlying and involved in our work. These ongoing actions have been recorded with our personnel. These sustainability actions according to different areas of sustainability and target groups are:

Financial responsibility


Whole chain in own hands; reliable and sustainable bus company and tour operator

Securities paid to the Finnish Competition and Consumer Authority

Partner network; customer gets an advantage of the benefits and discounts of a large tour operator

Clear and fast compensation processing

Domestic family business (amenability)


Reliable and universally binding TES payroll

Domestic family business (amenability)

Statutory accounting is handled (pension insurance, accident and unemployment insurance, membership fee accounting)


Jobs outside Ring Road III

Taxpayer in several municipalities

Domestic family business (amenability)

Annual payments to the states (VAT, income taxes, social security number) amount to approximately 2.5 million € and approximately 3 million € to the insurance companies (pension, accident and unemployment insurances)

Far-reaching and profitable business, taking care of competitiveness

Well-managed risk management

Timely submission of documents, obligations and notifications to the authorities

Social responsibility


Mobility enabler

Short distance travel (route and charter journeys, commercialization of route journeys)

Benefits of group travel

Communality; mobility opportunities for the lonely

Our product “good trip” corresponds to what has been promised



Effective occupational health care

Sports and cultural vouchers

Compliance with working time legislation (safety, resilience)

Early care program

Fairness between different personnel groups

Trustees are closely involved in the development of the company’s operations

Possibility to have blood donation during working hours


Scheduled traffic exists outside growth centers in a sparsely populated area

Safe school rides (seat belts, semi-automatic fire extinguishing system, positioning, driving style monitoring)

Safe driving: driver training; proactive driving style, customer behaviour, first aid

Ecological responsibility


Minimum carbon footprint/km (driving and garage guidelines and adherence to them, minimization of empty mileage)

Opportunity for greener travel: scheduled traffic is greener; group travel


Bus garage guidelines: minimizing the handling of hazardous substances (staff health and the environment)

Training in the handling of dangerous substances

Ecological rules

Waste recycling and reduction


Taking climate change into account

Own maintenance, working methods at bus garages (list of ecological practices)

In the near future up to 50% of our fleet will be Euro 5 and Euro 6 buses with a significantly lower carbon footprint