ISO 14001 Environmental Program – step in the Sustainable Travel Finland Program

Pohjolan Matka have acquired the global ISO 14001 certificate whereby the company commits to following a specific environmental policy. The environmental certificate is a standard that helps companies manage, document and improve their environmental issues. The standard requires companies to define their environmental policies, goals, measures and management system to achieve the objectives. The main requirements of the standard are in short:

  • Environmental policy
  • Planning
  • Action and functions
  • Inspections and corrective actions
  • Management reviews

Goals set through the ISO 14001 environmental program:

Pohjolan Matka has set a number of goals based on the environmental program. Some of these are strategic, some are clearly numerical and can be measured by various measures. The environmental goals of Pohjolan Matka are:

Daily management

  • Environmental issues are taken into account in day-to-day operations
  • Legal action
  • Identify potential issues and prepare for them in the future
  • The activity does not harm or damage the society or surrounding nature

Service and maintenance

  • Activities of subcontractors and contractors do not cause environmental damage
  • We use environmentally friendly products and services
  • The use of chemicals does not cause environmental damage
  • Fuels and petroleum products do not cause environmental damage
  • Reduction of air pollution and noise

Properties and equipment

  • Prevention of soil and water discharges
  • Waste recycling and proper processing (L&T Environmental Label)
  • Energy and water savings
  • Soil and indoor air issues do not occur or are detected in good time

Daily traffic

  • Fuel economy, minimization of mileage and idling

Travel services

  • Environmentally sustainable tourism

Pohjolan Matka has prepared a number of measures internally to achieve these goals. The most vital measures are the accurate monitoring of the amount of waste and improvement in volumes through the environment label program of the service provider, as well as the accurate monitoring of economic driving behaviour of the drivers. Pohjolan Matka trains staff as required by the environmental program and the company is committed to informing its stakeholders about its environmental program. The goals of the environmental program are reviewed annually and updated as necessary. After receiving the ISO 14001 environmental certificate, Pohjolan Matka has been able to apply for the Sustainable Travel Finland program, which is managed by Visit Finland and promotes sustainable and responsible tourism. Now when we have completed the program and verifyed each step, our company has received the Sustainable Travel Finland label.