Lighhouse Islands- Isokari and Kylmäpihlaja and the Fortress Island of Kuuskajaskari 2 days

Photo: Kylmäpihlaja, Rauma City
Photo: Kylmäpihlaja, Rauma City

1st Day

06.30 departure from Helsinki (meeting point to be specified)
Coffee break on the way, self-paid
10.15 arrival in Uusikaupunki
10.30 departure on board M/S Kerttu from the guest marina towards Isokari, the vessel is reserved for the group.

Cruise on board M/S Kerttu (

M/S Kerttu has comfortable interiors and a spacious deck, as well as café services and A licence for serving alcoholic beverages on board.  

Isokari, also known for its sea weather, is located in the Southern part of the Bothnian Sea in the Gulf of Bothnia. The enchanting lighthouse island belongs to the Bothnian Sea National Park.

The views on the island are dominated by the red and white striped lighthouse, which ascents to the height of 49,4 meters above sea level. The lighthouse was completed in 1833 and it is the highest in the Gulf of Bothnia. The lighthouse is in a fantastic condition, as it was renovated in the summer of 2020.

The island covers the area of 180-hectares, whereby there is a lot to see and do, in addition to exploring the lighthouse. You can hike the marked nature trails or explore areas outside the trails, geocache, pet the sheep or admire the shoreline and horizon. The island is surrounded by clear waters of the Bothnian Sea, and the swell reaches the shore all the way from Sweden. About 6,000 tourists visit Isokari every year. The tourist season begins on May Day and continues well into the fall, weather permitting until about mid-October.

The cruise itinerary includes a guided island tour, a visit to the lighthouse and a meal. There is going to be enough free time for independent hiking and enjoying the island scenery.

16.00 departure from Isokari and arrival at 17.00 on the same pier.

The journey continues towards Rauma with the expected time of arrival at 18.30.

At Poroholma we embark on M/V Apallonia and head towards the lighthouse island of Kylmäpihlaja. The boat trip takes approx. 50 minutes. The boat is reserved for the group.

M/V Apollonia is suitable for the needs of large groups, as well as for representational use, two sun decks, flat screen TVs, AV equipment etc. Maximum number of passengers is 60 people. It is possible to arrange a meal on board, in which case the recommended number of passengers is between 30-40 people.

Approx. 19.30 checking into the Lighthouse Hotel Kylmäpihlaja.

Dinner and sauna. The staff tells about the history of the island and the lighthouse.

2nd Day

Breakfast. In the morning there is time to admire the barren lighthouse island.

Seasoned by the sea and wind, the lighthouse island of Kylmäpihlaja is right by the open waters. Despite its rugged features, the island is covered by sea buckthorns and teems with life, especially during the bird nesting season.

The Kylmäpihlaja lighthouse was completed in 1953 and today it operates as a tourist destination. It is the last lighthouse built in Finland to be occupied and it also served as a pilot station. The tower of the lighthouse rises to 36 meters above sea level. The tower has an observation deck with a magnificent view of the open sea. The lighthouse hotel rooms are also located in the tower.

11.00 departure from Kylmäpihlaja towards Kuuskajaskari on board M/V Apollonia.

11.20 arrival on the fortress island of Kuuskajaskari. Guided tour lasting an hour followed by salmon soup lunch.

Kuuskajaskari is the largest island in the central archipelago of Rauma. The island covers about 30 hectares and ascents up to 15 meters above sea level. It is located just over 4km from the mainland. The rich history of the island includes both, the shooting of coastal artillery and cows. Cattle have been grazing on the island since the 17th century and the island was inhabited all year round during the crofter age.

During the First World War, Russian defence structures were built in the area. After the outbreak of the Winter War in 1939, coastal artillery was needed to protect the port of Rauma. The artillery was stationed on Kuuskajaskari and the city handed over the island to the state. After the war, the island remained fortified and hundreds of conscripts have served in the fort until the late 1990s. The geological trail and the stone forge teach about the bedrock of the island.

We can only spend limited amount of time on the island because our boat is allowed a certain amount of time for a stopover.

Approx. 13.50 departure on board M/V Apollonia towards Rauma, where we arrive at 14.20.
Bus waiting for the group.
Possibility of stopping for example at the Laitilan Wirvoitusjuoma factory on the return journey.
Approx. 19.00-19.30 arrival in Helsinki.

Hotel Information

Lighthouse Hotel Kylmäpihlaja
COORDINATES: 61°8′40″N, 21°18′10″E
Phone. 045-175 0619

Experience overnights stay in the lighthouse tower on the edge of the sea. All our rooms are located in the lighthouse tower and have a sea view, except for the economy room, which overlooks the lighthouse terrace. The rooms are decorated in nautical style – plainly but comfortably. The hotel has 15 rooms, of which eight are equipped with twin beds and seven with double beds. Private sauna both, an outdoor hot tub and barrel sauna near the shore, are available for rent. 

The Economy room for two people is equipped with two single beds, a table, chair, mirror, closet, flat screen TV, bed linen and towel. The room is located on the 2nd floor. Shared toiled and bathroom facilities.

The Twin room for two people is equipped with two separate beds, two chairs, a mirror, closet, flat screen TV, bed linen and towels. The rooms are located on the 1st, 2nd and 3rd floors. One “dog room” on the 3rd floor. Please inform about the dog in advance. We charge an additional fee for the dog. Shared toilet and bathroom facilities.

The Superior room for two people is equipped with a double bed, table, two chairs, mirror, closet, flat screen TV, bed linen and towels. The rooms are located on the 5th, 6th and 7th floors. Shared toilet and bathroom facilities.

The suite facilities include a double bed, sofa bed (extra bed for children), armchair, table, closet, bed linen, towels and bathrobes, bath slippers, hairdryer and flat screen TV. Windows face all four directions. Observation balcony one floor above. No elevator. The room has toilet. Shared shower facilities.

Strong winds prevent traffic to Isokari. The wind limit is about 15 m/s depending on the direction of the wind. In the event of force majeure, the cruise will not be charged but no compensation will be paid for its cancellation.

The same wind limit applies to Kylmäpihlaja. M/S Apollonia can operate in stronger winds, if the direction of the wind is correct. There have been no issues with the wind in July, but the situation requires monitoring during the week of departure.

Price of the travel package XXX €

Price Includes

  • Bus transport on Pohjolan Matka coach as per the itinerary, the driver stays in Rauma
  • Sea transportation between Uusikaupunki-Isokari-Uusikaupunki (cruise day departure at 10.30 and return at 17.30, departure from Isokari at 16.00)
  • Guided island tour around Isokari and entrance to the lighthouse
  • Cold smoked rainbow trout casserole with sides dishes for dinner at Isokari
  • Boat trips between Rauma-Kylmäpihlaja-Kuuskajaskari-Rauma on board M/V Apollonia
  • Accommodation at the Lighthouse Hotel Kylmäpihlaja in a selected room type
  • Breakfast and sauna included in the room rate
  • Wireless internet access (WLAN) included in the price
  • Dinner at Kylmäpihlaja, the staff tells about the history of the lighthouse
  • Guided tour on the fortress island of Kuuskajaskari, duration 1 hour
  • Salmon soup for lunch at Kuuskajaskari

For Additional Charge

  • Coffee on the outward and return journeys
  • Visit to the Laitilan Wirvoitusjuomatehdas factory 10 €/per person
Kuuskajaskari, Rauma